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Mullah Omar & Osama bin Laden

Talibaan and Al-Qaeda have proved them the true enemies of Islam and Muslims. Are they big and long-term conspiracy against Muslims or what? Who knows?

Coming soon:

Introducing VB Dorm on this site. It will a place where I will share small chunks of VB6 code with the fans of this handy tool.


Raise your hands and pray to your God: May Allah grant us rid from the Great Satan General Pervez Musharraf as soon as possible and keep us safe from such satan soldiers in future also. Amen,Again Amen!

More than have past since the Indian occupation on Jammu & Kashmir and this dispute is still unresolved. Where is United Nations Organization? Where is Security Council? and Where are the so-called Civilized Nations of the World? Can’t they see the bloodshed of innocent Kashmiris by the Indian troops?

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